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Alamo City MRI/CT offers the convenience of an outpatient setting with:

  • No hospitals mazes
  • Easy scheduling
  • Prompt reports from board certified radiologist
  • Convenient Location
  • Accessible front door parking
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Most insurances accepted


You should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow for processing of paper work and payment procedures.MRI and CTscans are performed canadianbestrxpills.com only through physicians referral. Your doctor will arrange for your examination by contacting Alamo City MRI/CT.

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What is a CT

ct_resizedComputed tomography or computed axial tomography is a painless, high tech x-ray procedure.  There are multiple images taken during the scan and a computer puts them in complete, cross sectional slices or pictures of soft tissue, bone, and blood vessels.


How to prepare for a CT

ct_brainYou should wear comfortable loose clothing, a gown may be provided.  Metal objects must be removed such items as: jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures and hairpins, these may affect your CT image.  We provide a locker for safe keeping of your belongings.  You may be asked to not eat or drink anything before your test if contrast material is needed.


Barium instructions


Alamo City MRI/CT



Do not eat/drink anything four hours prior to drinking barium
If instructions are not followed closely, exam may need to be rescheduled.


  1. Drink one container of barium two hours before your appointment time.  Drink entire container within a thirty-minute time period.
  2. Drink second container of barium one hour before your appointment.  Drink entire container within a thirty-minute time period. (For example, if your appointment is at 10am, drink 1st bottle at 8am and 2nd bottle at 9am.)  You should have consumed all barium by thirty minutes prior to your examination.
  3. Arrive at the facility thirty minutes prior to your appointment time.
    Please call us if you have any questions.


ct_inner_earInform your doctor of any recent illnesses or other conditions or if there is a history of heart disease, asthma, diabetes, kidney disease,  thyroid problems, or if you are pregnant.
If you are diabetic please inform the doctor or technologist of medications you are currently taking.




Here are forms and documents for your use and knowledge.

Forms to fill out before arriving: